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Prada Vernice Gaufre Frame Bag_Black Nappa Leather_1407
Item Number:25326
  • The Prada Vernice Gaufre Frame Bag, which comes in black that will complement some charming to your wardrobe. The Italian-made ruched nappa leather is done to perfection, with two leather straps and gold buckles adding a luxe touch. In addition to leather handles, the bag has a detachable shoulder strap and ID tag.
  • The combination of heavily ruched and lambskin leather can really be a bit much, as Prada so ably proves with its Vernice Gaufrean Frame Handbag. It's a nice idea¨Cand the result should have been something so unbelievably chic that it would leave fashionistas pining for it¨Cbut this attempt isn¡¯t executed very well. Anyone with an appreciation for high gloss will probably gravitate towards this, but for those who prefer something more relaxed, there¡¯s a slightly similar nylon version (the Tessuto Gaufrean East West) waiting for you.
  • Made of real leather
  • Double Handle
  • Zip Closure
  • Removable long shoulder strap
  • Size: 13.4" x 7.7"
  • W34 x H19.5cm
  • Appendix: authenticity card, dust bag and tag.
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